Monday, October 12, 2015

The new era hasn't brough it all, now has it?

Generation gap? fact what we've been seeing over the past 10 years is way more than that. it's more like the  information gap. yes, ladies and goes so fast we barely have time to digest what flows in trough our smartphone's screen via our newsfeed.
I remember having to drive all the way from West Hollywood to the  famous "Book soup" bookstore in Beverly Hills to find a 15- day old Brazilian paper back in the early 90's. But it was so much fun! on  my way down there I used to stop at cafes, play arcades, browse the famous Tower Records on sunset boulevard and so on. Now I open my Iphone and have instant access to EVERY paper on he planet. but...see? we had more time to see things around us back then than we do today.

what brings it to the point i wanna be at:  things are easier today, within reach, but it doesn't mean it's better. well....IT IS NOT. We're getting so bored with so much at our hands we don't care anymore.
I'd  really like to see this tech race cool off for a while....I really would. We should stop stuffing our minds with so much useless information and SHOULD PERHAPS  start to get in touch with he real world out there. life is too digital these days. It's too overwhelming on stuff we really don't need to have around us anyway.
Don't get me wrong here....I am not neglecting the benefits of the modern era,but a bit of balancing would help a lot and make us come down to earth and chill out a bit. Less excess, more excitement. What about that ?
Cya next time!